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Simply Spontaneous
Let all that you do be done in love. 1st Corinthians 16:14

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Morning Routine 

We have our own little morning routine that we do every day whether we realize it or not. I've to come to realize that I have quite the morning routine, and that makes me really happy because regardless of whatever I might be doing for the rest of the day, it's always nice for the morning to be consistently the same, I suppose it's soothing in a way. 


Summer Reading List

It's finally summer and I am so excited! Now, I don't have a lot of free time this summer to actually sit down and read a book because I am super busy, but there are a few books that I really want to get around to reading. So here is my 2018 summer reading list!

1. "All That She Can See" By Carrie Hope Fletcher


Change is Okay 

Saying that change is scary is a huge understatement. Change can be horribly terrifying and intimidating. 

But that's okay. Although sometimes we change, and we're scared of the outcome, change almost always turns out to be good in the end. Whatever might be changing in your life right now, whether it's a breakup, switching jobs, going to college, or maybe moving. One thing that I can guarantee you, is that it will all be okay. Let's talk about switching jobs, for instance, it can be scary because you don't know if you will like your new job or not. But guess what, if you hate it, 

St. louis: Fabulous fox theatre "the phantom of the opera"

I started off my wonderful vacation by going to see The Phantom of The Opera at The Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis. It was absolutely amazing in every way possible. The theatre itself was so grand and magnificent, just so beautiful. Words cannot truly describe how beautiful the theatre was. I took a few photos which you can see, but they just don't fully grasp all the detail to it. Then the show was marvelous I'm so lucky that I got to see The Phantom of The Opera. I saw the movie


Disney Tips: The MAgic Kingdom 

Hello! So, I go to Disney World at least once a week, usually its even more than, and I've come to know a lot of convenient little tips of Disney World. I thought I would share them with all of you to help make your next trip to Disney a little easier. Today is all about the Magic Kingdom, but don't worry I'll cover the other parks later. 

Magic Kingdom


  1. If you can arrive at the park 15-30 minutes before it opens, you'll get to experience the special opening ceremony with all of the main characters.

Ten Magnificent Quotes 


I love finding quotes, beautiful quotes that make you really think or the ones that finally put what you've been feeling into words. They are truly an amazing thing, usually just one or maybe two sentences that really make you feel something.  I spend too much time on Pinterest looking at such quotes, and I thought I would share some amazing quotes with you guys today. Now it was extremely difficult for to pick just ten to share,


Confidence, It will take you places

Feeling confident is one of the most amazing feelings to experience, and it can you take you so many places in life. My level of confidence used to be extremely low and kept me from doing so many things. It is probably one of the hardest challenges to find your confidence, and it's not one that very many people will tell you about. Most people talk about finding happiness and finding love, 


Kindness, why is it so important?

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a lovely day. Today I want to talk about kindness, it is one the most important things to me and I make it one of my main focuses of life.

Every single day, we all experience little 


Disney Tag 

If any of you read my previous post on how much I love Disney, then you will know just how much I love Disney. If you haven't read it yet and would like to then I'll put a link below to it.

Today I decided to share more of my Disney thoughts with all of you and do the Disney tag! I have always wanted to do this and now I finally get too. I just googled "Disney Tag" and a bunch popped up,