Being Yourself, Your Real Self

Being yourself can be defined as being true to your core identity rather than faking a different one because you think it will be attractive to others.

Being true to your core identity, I really like that, but that is something that I personally have a really hard time with. I tend to care a lot about what others think of me and what they think of my choices. Now, I don’t

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Exploring St. Augustine

Hey guys!

So this past Saturday, I went to St Augustine for the first time, and it was so incredible! It is the oldest town in America, and it was so much fun to explore it. The streets were made of brick, and all the building had this old fashioned feel to them which was so adorable because most were the original building but just updated. Every restaurant that we passed by smelled so delicious, I

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The Best Affordable Makeup Products

Makeup, pretty much all of us use it, but not something that is always cheap. I know that no matter how much I may want to, I certainly cannot afford to buy all of my makeup from Too Faced and Bare Minerals. And no, you can’t find makeup products that are as amazing as they are from the name brand companies, but you can find makeup

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Fall Date Ideas


So since it is officially Fall which is super exciting, but I live in Florida so there is absolutely no change in the weather and no fall colors anywhere. But that’s okay, I am still going to pretend that it feels like fall, and drink lots of Chai teas while wearing oversized sweaters because I love fall!

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Daytona Beach

Living in Daytona Beach is pretty incredible, and I think one of my favorite parts about living here, (besides the beach of course) is all the cute little mom and pop shops and restaurants they have here. The coffee shops are absolutely amazing,

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Setting Your Affection

Colossians 3:2

Set your affection on things above, not on things on earth.

I feel like this verse can a hard one to remember sometimes, it is one that is so very important because we have so many worldly influences surrounding us everyday. We must try our best to not let them actually influence us though. I know it’s hard to always keep

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Have Big Dreams, And Follow Them

This probably sounds pretty cliche, but I’m serious, you have got to dream big in life. There is so much in life, and you are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to. You’ve got to be willing to work hard to achieve your dreams, but it’s fully possible, don’t settle for less just because you

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Work for What You Want, But Be Content Until You Get There

I have been thinking about this verse a lot recently. I have been torn between being content with where I am at, and wanting to change where I am at to achieve contentment. I have realize that it's not just black and white though. You can be working towards what I want, but you do need to be content until you get there. You need to be careful though

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It's Okay To Be Confused

LIfe is tough sometimes and it can be very confusing. 

I have been feeling pretty confused recently, about what I am doing with my life exactly, and what my path really is. Life pulls us in directions at times, not even in a bad way necessarily, but we still do not know what to do. You start to ask yourself a ton of questions, like what do I want my purpose to be, what direction do I want to be going in, what are my goals in life, and what is it that I really want

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Collecting Moments, Not Things

We are all guilty of it. We’ve all done it at least once. We become so obsessed with all the things around us, and how we just want more. We start to need the newest iPhone, we need this season’s trendiest clothes, we need all the new makeup. When in reality, we need none of this. It’s okay to want things, it’s fun to want something new every once in a while, but it is not okay to obsess over it and to feel like you need it. That material thing is nothing compared to your

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Appreciating The Now

For those of us in College/High School, we are all super excited to get started with our lives after we graduate, to get a “real” job, to be living on our own, etc. We are so excited for the future because we feel like that is when we really get to start living our lives, and we are so busy focusing on, the then, that we forget about, the

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Change Is Okay

Saying that change is scary is a huge understatement. Change can be horribly terrifying and intimidating. 

But that's okay. Although sometimes we change, and we're scared of the outcome, change almost always turns out to be good in the end. Whatever might be changing in your life right now, whether it's a breakup, switching jobs, going to college, or maybe moving. One thing that I can

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Confidence, It Will Take You Places

Feeling confident is one of the most amazing feelings to experience, and it can you take you so many places in life. My level of confidence used to be extremely low and kept me from doing so many things. It is probably one of the hardest challenges to find your confidence, and it's not one that very many people will tell you about. Most people talk about finding happiness and finding love, but they never mention finding

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Why We Should All Be Kind

Kindness,  a beautiful way to make those around us happy, and yet, so it is still so underrated.

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a lovely day. Today I want to talk about kindness, it is one the most important things to me and I make it one of my main focuses of life. Every single day, we all experience little struggles throughout our day. Some people experience more struggles than others on a daily basis. We never truly know what other people are going through. I work in retail and I deal with tons of customers every day, and I never know what kind of day they are having or

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Ten Magnificent Quotes

I love finding quotes, beautiful quotes that make you really think or the ones that finally put what you've been feeling into words. They are truly an amazing thing, usually just one or maybe two sentences that really make you feel something.  I spend too much time on Pinterest looking at such quotes, and I thought I would share some amazing quotes with you guys today. Now it was

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