Morning Routine

We have our own little morning routine that we do every day whether we realize it or not. I've to come to realize that I have quite the morning routine, and that makes me really happy because regardless of whatever I might be doing for the rest of the day, it's always nice for the morning to be consistently the same, I suppose it's soothing in a way. 



I try to wake up around 7 am every morning. (The key word there is "try") As soon as I wake up in the morning, I immediately head to the shower because I hate feeling icky when I first wake up, and a shower always makes me feel so much more awake and fresh. 


My daily hair routine is extremely simple. I don't do a lot of styling to my hair on most days, only sometimes. Most of the time though, I comb through it while it's still wet, put anti-frizzing mousse in, and let it air dry. I like it when my hair is wavy and has a bit of volume to it, and letting it air dry does exactly that for me. 


Then I'll pick out a cute outfit for the day!


That part usually takes me about 20-30 minutes to do, and before I can do anything else, I have to grab a cup of coffee. This part of my morning is my favorite because I love coffee. 


 I just find it so relaxing to sit down and sip my coffee while I scroll through Instagram and Pinterest. I can never skip this part of my morning routine. 


After I finish my coffee, I do my makeup, put on jewelry, (usually just a pair of earrings) and just any other finishing touches I need to be ready for my day. I eat breakfast after I am completely ready. I like a small, quick, easy breakfast so I usually just have a granola bar or yogurt. After I've done all of this, I'll either be heading off to work at Best Buy or I'll stay home and work on my blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my morning routine! Tell me about your favorite parts of your morning routine in the comments below!

Have a lovely day!

Confidence, It Will Take You Places

Feeling confident is one of the most amazing feelings to experience, and it can you take you so many places in life. My level of confidence used to be extremely low and kept me from doing so many things. It is probably one of the hardest challenges to find your confidence, and it's not one that very many people will tell you about.

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"There Is Nothing In The World So Irresistibly Contagious As Laughter And Good Humor." ~Charles Dickens

I don't even have the words to explain important it is to laugh. It makes even the worst of days better. As the quote states above, laughter is extremely contagious too. Once you start laughing, nine times out of ten, everyone can't help but laugh along with you. Laughter is one of those little things in life that is truly priceless, and it's also something that we often forget. I LOVE to laugh, I love being in a giggly mood, it makes me so happy. I'm sure that's something we can all agree on.

We all need to laugh more. Now I know that we don't get to choose we laugh because it's not like we can control when laughable moments happen, but there are actions we can take to increase the chances of those moments happening. Surrounding yourself with good people who make you happy is a very good place to start. Also, try to stay more relaxed, we are more likely to smile and laugh when we are not worrying about and able to enjoy the moment.

Put yourself in more situations where there is a much better chance of laughter. Whether that is going out with friends, watching a movie at home with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or even just watching a funny tv show by yourself.(I would highly recommend "The Office" for that one) What makes us laugh is different for each and everyone one of us.

"Laughing Is, And Always Will Be, The Best Form Of Therapy." ~Unknown

What makes you laugh? Any memory pops into your head immediately? I'd love to hear your guys' thoughts too!