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Materials Mean nothing but the people around us mean everything

We are all guilty of it. We’ve all done it at least once. We become so obsessed with all the things around us, and how we just want more. We start to need the newest iPhone, we need this season’s trendiest clothes, we need all the new makeup. When in reality, we need none of this. It’s okay to want things, it’s fun to want something new every once in awhile, but it is not okay to obsess over it and to feel like you need it. That material thing is nothing…


The cutest little town in central florida

Celebration is the most adorable little town ever, and I feel like even that is an understatement.  

If you are in Central Florida and are looking for a cute little town to walk around, and to eat some amazing food, then Celebration is the town for you...


What it's like to live in Central Florida Disney Tips: Epcot 


Living in Florida isn't for everyone, but it is most definitely for me! I love it here, and I especially living twenty minutes away from Disney World. Now here are some things that you start to realize after living in Florida for awhile...